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Tachibana Makoto • 橘 真琴

Free! -Eternal Summer-
Thoughts on the second season

While the first season is superior to the second season in regards to storytelling, it is not without a few flaws, the biggest being the season’s ending.

Characters and Formualic Writing

The characters are diverse, memorable and are given the appropriate amount of attention—for the most part. My only concern in this aspect of the series is Nagisa. Similar to Makoto and Rei, I feel that he could’ve benefited greatly from a character arc of his own.

During the season, Makoto faces his fear of the ocean and, as a result, learns to open up to his teammates. Likewise, Rei grapples with his desire to swim versus his lack of skill as well as his feelings of exclusion from the group, due to his lack of knowledge regarding the team’s past with Rin. Compared to Makoto and Rei, Nagisa’s character falls flat. By the season finale, all one really knows of Nagisa is that he was in the relay along with Haru, Makoto and Rin as children, that he also wants to be friends with Rin again and that he was the one who wanted to start the swim club in the first place. In the grand scheme of things—Haruka and Rin’s frayed relationship, for the most part—Nagisa’s story may seem small. The same could really be said about Makoto, however, and seeing as how Makoto is allotted time for character development, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine or want the same for Nagisa.

While Nagisa is given more depth in the second season, his character arc would have made more sense presented during this season instead. This matter further discussed here.

Rin: What? What else matters in swimming other than winning?!
Makoto: There is more. At least, Haru thought there was something more. That’s why he wanted to race you. And I’m pretty sure you’re the one who taught him what that something was.

Matsuoka Rin & Tachibana Makoto
Episode 08: Revenge in the Medley!

Haruka Going Professional

When I first watched Free! for the first time, the ending bothered me. After rewatching it, I’ve come to terms as to why the writers may have made the decision they did. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that I am generally unsatisfied with it.