Easy Breezy
Tachibana Makoto • 橘 真琴

I want to swim with you!

Welcome, dear visitor, to Easy Breezy, a modest dedication to and fanlisting for Tachibana Makoto, a character from the anime series Free!. It was created as part of the Dynamic Duos Challenge at Amassment alongside Lethe's Waterbound.

This fanlisting is listed at Anime Fanlistings under the category Characters 0-M.

Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers abound. For now, this shrine's content focuses primarily on the two seasons of the anime series. All of the quotes and scenes are taken from the English subbed version of the Japanese episodes provided by Crunchyroll. Every now and then I also touch upon the light novels, High☆Speed! and High☆Speed! 2, with translations provided by Nanowave Translations. There are no immediate plans to address the recent prequel film. The full names of characters are given in the lastname firstname format, but characters are generally referred to by their first name throughout the site.

To navigate, use the links above. Surface serves as a basic introduction to the series and the character, including profile information and other statistics. Depth explores his character and how it grows over the course of the series. Images and other goodies can be found under Media while Listing will direct you to his fanlisting. To learn more about the site itself, visit the appropriately named section. To return to the index, click on "Easy Breezy" in the header or "index" in the footer.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the site, feel free to contact me or leave a note in my guestbook.

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